Age Show Winner Pajkos Vizslas Dog Breeders

aka Agi or Agadu, she prefers Agi.  This girl can play ball for hours. Toss……

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Lilla Pajkos Vizslas Dog Breeders

She’s second only to Ildi in giving kisses.  She loves to hug. If you ask……

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Eszti Pajkos Vizslas Dob Breeders

The Energizer Bunny.  She has more energy and stamina than any of the others. Running……

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Riot Pajkos Vizslas Dog Breeders

The sweet loveable matriarch of the family.  She is our foundation/alpha bitch and she doesn’t……

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Pajkos Vizslas Csaba

The man of the house.  He truly loves his little harem.  Csaba is our hunter,……

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Em Pajkos Vizslas Dog Breeders

She’s our little rescue girl.  Em has no limits.  If there is something she shouldn’t……

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Zoltan—Pajkos Vizlas—Dog Breeders

His heartwaring charm no one could resist.  The every present toy was offered to every……

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